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FNLogo33Welcome to Femtotechnology News! This site aims to be the world’s #1 information database on femtoscience. No, it’s not quite upon us yet, but this science of the future is coming soon, and those who aren’t prepared for tomorrow’s trends will find themselves left in the dust. Here at this femtotechnology blog, we keep you updated on the latest trends, events, and updates into this advanced and miniscule technology, and give you a glimpse of what’s to come. Don’t worry, though- we deal in facts, not fiction, and although speculation is a necessity at this point, it will be based in fact and clearly labeled. We are not writing science fiction fantasies; we are writing about the future.

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Femtotechnology News is owned and operated by Ethan J. Hulbert. Ethan studied nuclear engineering and later entered a prominent nanoscience college program, working with state of the art electron microscopes, cleanrooms, fabrication tools, and more. He’s also made contributions to science with a simulated relativistic thermodynamics experiment, and has a record of supporting and creating new advanced science educational initiatives. Ethan also has a marketing and web design background, making him the perfect individual to create a website about femtoscience. For more information, check out Ethan’s personal website.

We are also happy to accept articles from other authors if they are relevant and meet our other guidelines. Please see our writer submission page for more details. Our standards are high, because we want to make sure the information you’re getting is nothing but the best and most accurate.

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